Water Wave

Remote Monitoring & Automation of Water Treatment Systems

Save money by creating predictable operations that will eliminate surcharges, reduce risks from errors, and guarantee optimal performance.

Monitor in Real-time

Detailed Charts

Clicking into a metric displays real-time charts to view changes second-by-second.

Alerts & Action Logs

Analytics flash when levels exceed pre-determined thresholds, which is logged to document actions.

Custom Setup

Every customer’s system is different, which requires unique sets of analytics and alerts.

Live Analytics

Watch Live Video

Live Feed

Watch one or many critical points in your treatment processes to verify optimal operations.

Secure Access

Whether you’re at home or onsite, rest assured your access is available and protected.

Watch Live Video

Review Reports

Historical Trends

Review system performance over time to evaluate best practices.

Interactive Details

Click on each section of the report to view and filter details.

Share Reports

Report out internally by downloading a PDF or sharing access to the dynamic dashboard.

View Historical Reports

Control SCADA Operations

Adjust On-the-go

Change system levels using desktop or mobile devices to control operations.

Visual Representation

View visual schematics of your system to easily identify needed adjustments.

Automate Operations

Automate your systems to comply with set KPIs, and when needed, utilize our trained professionals to act on issues.

Control SCADA Operations

Manage Multiple Sites

Stay Connected

Manage consistent KPIs and controls across all your sites.

Become Predictable

Monitor multiple sites and analytics on-the-go or in a centralized command room to ensure operations are kept predictable.

Expand Oversight

Utilize our trained and certified professionals to optimize your systems and processes across one or multiple sites.

Manage Multiple Sites

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